Vital Health Exercise Book




I wrote this book to help people understand that getting in shape is not about jumping on the latest fad or using a certain machine or joining a particular gym.

It’s about transforming your perception of yourself.

It’s about knowing that you are worthwhile and valuable enough to take the time to exercise, stretch and move your body so that it becomes strong, supple, lean, agile and fit. It’s about looking after your “temple” (your body) — the place where you experience your life day to day. Your body is the centre of your world. If it does not work well or feel well, then your experience of everyday life is greatly limited.

It’s about a lifestyle change that starts with a mental shift in your thinking. It’s about making a clear life plan and life-changing decisions that transform your habits and ways of thinking about food, drink and exercise. It’s about learning that whole, natural foods are out there for you to enjoy and to cook and prepare, so you can carry out the exercise routines in this book with vigor and stamina. It’s about experiencing mental sharpness and clarity of thought and a sense of well being that will give you a secure sense of peace; one that says you are on the right path.

In this book, I outline various exercise routines you can do anywhere
— all you need is floor space and an exercise mat or towel. If you do them regularly and learn to master them, you will always stay in good shape. Your body will stay flexible, agile, and strong. You will feel good when you go outside in your shorts and t-shirt. However, realize that this is only one half of the equation of getting in shape. Hopefully, you also are following a healthy, nourishing meal plan with lots of fruits, vegetables and quality protein. You may want to check out my Vital Health Nutrition book for guidance in that area.