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Why Vital Health System

David Lee, a certified trainer and nutrition consultant in Ottawa, ON, has developed Vital Health System to allow people to achieve their fitness goals in a realistic manner. Having over 20 years of experience in helping clients overcome health problems, David provides personalized fitness training sessions across Kingston, Orleans and Ottawa.

Besides exercise programs and weight loss diet plans, Vital Health System also includes psychological coaching to motivate people to implement the lifestyle changes.

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Online Fitness and Nutrition Training

Our personal fitness trainer offers online exercise sessions as well as yoga classes. Our fitness programs aim at strengthening body, mind and relieving stresses in the body that may be causing pain or limitation in functional movements.

The nutrition consultant at Vital Health mainly focuses on three areas - weight loss, cleansing and healthy diet plans. We customize a combination of these areas to suit your lifestyle and needs.

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If you are looking for a certified online fitness trainer in Ottawa, ON, consider Vital Health. We have developed a personalized fitness package so you can get the help you need, right at your home. We impart online sessions to teach you to get in shape and improve health in a lesser time. If you require in-house services in Orleans or Kingston, you can have our physical trainer and nutrition consultant visit you just by paying the travel fee. We will discuss your requirements to devise an effective fitness training regimen as well as weight loss diet plan.

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David Lee, Nutritionist and Trainer

This is a quantum resonance device which detects and gives a 35 to 40 page read out of what is going on in all the major systems of the body. It will measure the hormone levels, vitamin levels, mineral levels, PH levels, toxin levels etc. in the various organs. With this, we can identify the deficiencies and design a proper nutritional, weight loss diet plan and fitness training session. Please refer to our website to view a video demonstration of the bio-assessment process.

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Health Fitness Services

We offer personal fitness training sessions in Ottawa, Orleans and Kingston, ON.

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Bio Assessment

A non-invasive technique of assessing your body’s health condition and common ailments.

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Weight Loss Program

We suggest exercises and weight loss diet plans to help achieve your fitness goals.

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Nutrition Program

Our Ottawa based dietitian provides nutrition consultation and meal plans for weight loss.

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December 4, 2002
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