Vital Health Nutrition Ebook




Holistic Nutrition book that not only has a full range of nutrition meal programs but also has a life coaching section where we show you how to stick to your healthy nutritional meal plans, by making a change in the way you think. This is done using a tool called Life Plan where we show you how to plan out your goals in your life, so you will have greater success in achieving all the various goals in your life from your financial goals to your relationship goals. This is essential because many people start to exercise and make changes in their eating but cannot stick to it because all these other areas of their life start to take them off track from the health life style path that they are trying to follow.

This e-book shows you how to do 5 levels of cleansing which is the part of the Vital Health Steps that consists of healthy meal plans for the average female and male individuals, for athletes, for people who want to gain muscle size, and weight loss. However, our weight loss program is unique because it is a combination of weight loss and cleansing.  We show how to even  put together your own travel meal plan and there is a list of treat foods you can order at restaurants when you are traveling in the appendix of the book.

In addition, we also cover meal plans that accommodate the 11 common digestive ailments and diseases of the world. As a bonus we also give basic instructions on the most common, essential, and natural supplements that are needed for people to reach their optimal health.  Furthermore we have included a whole list of foods that give you all the essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements and we also show what ailments you can experience if you are deficient in them in your diet. This is all provided again in the appendices near the end of the book.

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