Supplement Program

Most of the food we eat is processed and grown in depleted as well as polluted soil. Foods that are not organically grown or naturally prepared do not contain the nutrients required to keep us healthy and fit. The nutrition consultant at Vital Health, Ottawa, ON will help you understand the importance of organic foods and how to prepare healthy meals for weight loss. Using a combination of physical exercises and customized diet plans, our certified trainer will direct you towards achieving your fitness goals.

Natural food supplements, vitamins and minerals are essential to keep the body working at its best. In the supplement program of the Vital Health System, fitness enthusiasts across Ottawa, Orleans and Kingston will be shown how to acquire all the minerals, vitamins and nutrients from food as well as plant sources, so that they can reach their fitness goals. They will be demonstrated the right way to use nutrition supplements, when to take them, which kinds are the best quality and why.

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