Coaching & Training

Private Coaching (one-on-one)
Private one on one coaching will include weight loss plan recipes, online cooking demonstrations, assistance in setting up home gym, guidance on equipment and accessories needed as well as nutrition consultation following a detailed health assessment. The customized fitness training program that we offer in Ottawa, Orleans and Kingston, ON consists of a detailed functional assessment so that we can suggest you a corrective exercise plan, stretching yoga form routines, floor routines and strength centered program. With this, we help you to attain your desired fitness goals, whether it is to lean-up, loss weight, gain muscle, increase strength, stamina or performance in sports.

Paired Private coaching ( 2 participants)
This package includes online demonstration of how to make some of the recipes taught by the nutritional consultant in Ottawa. We also provide personal guidance on setting up your home gym, equipment and kinds of accessories needed. Vital Health’s nutrition program also consists of a food score assessment, customized meal plans and weight loss programs. In addition, a personalized fitness training program is provided and modified as the client progresses in his physical abilities.

Holistic Private total Coaching Program (one on one)
This includes private one-on-one sessions on preparing healthy meals, recipe handouts and shopping tips on where to buy certain food items. We also provide customized weight loss diet plans, such as cleansing meal sessions, personalized juice recipes and food combinations, to suit your fitness needs. Our physical trainers will carry out a detailed functional fitness assessment comprising your medical profile, health history and lifestyle in order to formulate a tailored fitness training program. For instance, if person has a chronic shoulder pain, corrective exercises can be suggested to re-align and recondition the muscles to reduce inflammation as well restore the joint’s normal functioning.

Finally, there will be one on one life coaching sessions which includes programs and audio files to increase motivation, decrease depression, overcome fears and anxieties. Our online fitness training program will help you to become mentally more focused and experience greater feelings of peace, love and contentment. Our physical trainer will also teach medication exercises and programs that will help to overcome the negative subconscious beliefs of your heart that may have kept you stuck in certain areas of your life.

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