Our Training System

Many sessions, both online and offline, will be spent with the fitness enthusiasts in Ottawa, Orleans and Kingston, ON in order to instruct them on various exercises and their intended results. Our certified personal trainer will provide complete instructions on how to perform proper floor exercises for the abdomen, lower back, core area and other important parts of the body.

Also, proper stretching, cardio exercises, martial arts, Tai-body aerobics and free weight exercises will be taught. Our physical trainer in Ottawa uses a total mind and body workout system to achieve overall fitness. Life coaching, along with some mental coaching, is provided to help clients remain focused on their lifestyle change. This further enables them to reach their goals and maintain them for life.

A variety of exercises and training methods are used to help you achieve your fitness goals in a realistic timeframe. We will assist you with the following:

In essence, we will work and team up with you in order to develop your body to a level where it is operating at its optimal physical level.

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