Health Bio-Assessment Course for Vital Health Team Members

Want to learn how to use the Bio-assess Quantum Resonance Device to assess the health state of clients? Do this course!

The Bio Assessment Scan only takes about 1 minute and you will get a health medical read out of the various levels of weakness and normal states of the different systems of the body, like the digestive, endocrine, cardiovascular, hormones, bone density, etc..

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Benefits for your Health/Fitness Business from taking the Bio-Assessment Course:

Increase revenue from
30% or more.

You will be able to offer a more comprehensive health assessment.

Leads to increased
client retention.

You can monitor your clients health regularly and quickly with cutting edge technology.

You will have greater success at health trade shows. You will attract clients to a quick Bio-assessment and be able to charge a minimum fee.

"As we all know, increase and retention of clients is significant to the success of all health/fitness businesses".

Course Detail Date Price
One on One Student Teaching 2 Days Course
(Free Bio-scan device will be available for you to use as long as you are on the team. A deposit cheque of $500 is required in case the device gets damaged)
On Appointment $1200 CAD + tax

Language: English

( Location to be determined once we have the minimum student registration required to run the course.

The Topics Covered:

How to install and set-up the Bio-assess device and Maintenance. Which results you want to focus on if you are a Naturopathic practitioner or ND.
Explanation of the Vital Health assessment Food score sheets & hormonal assessment sheets and how to deliver it to clients. How to connect the Bio results to selling your particular service packages.
How to actually operate and do the Bio-scan. How to sell your nutrition package from the results of the full Bio-assessment.
Which results to focus on if you are a nutritionist or nutritional consultant of some kind, or a personal trainer who already is consulting in nutrition as well. Looking at some of the various health results that a client may have on their readings and how to explain the basic content from the definitions given.
Which results to focus on if you are a therapist or rehab specialist like a chiropractor, acupuncturist, RMT, Rolfing, etc..

Course Requirement:

  • Its mandatory to bring your laptop which should have latest windows operating system installed; Windows XP/ Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10.
  • Please make sure the USB drives and CD, DVD drives all work in your laptops when you bring it to the course, because the Bio-assessment device program will not install properly if your drives don't work.