Helping you rebuild from the inside
out so you stay fit and healthy for life.
Vital health makes wholistic and realistic.

Vital health
skype sessions
with David Lee

Bio health Assessment available.
Takes 1 minute and you get 34 page
report on what's going on your body.
i.e. Deficiency, vitamin level, minerals,
bone density, state of organs, hormone levels and etc."

David Lee and Linda
Vital health nutrition session

Vital heath training focuses on strength, fitness
and weight loss and they gain also functional
training for chronic joint issues, stiffness
and weakness.

Food first, then supliments
boost energy, lose weight, beat stress
improve perfomance..

What is the Vital Health System?

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  • David Lee, Nutritionist and

    David Lee has developed a program of nutrition, cleansing and fitness called the Vital Health System. For over 20 years, David has motivated people to make the lifestyle changes to become physically and mentally healthy and empowered individuals.

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