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How toxins are accumulated

Toxins are inherited from both our childhood and our parents. This is especially true if an individual’s parents happened to be heavy smokers, drinkers, drug users, exposed to a toxic environment such as leaded paints, pesticides, second-hand smoke or air pollution. Toxins are also accumulated through personal lifestyle habits like smoking, alcohol, drug use and stress. Furthermore, food quality greatly impacts a person’s toxicity. Processed foods, fast food, fried foods and soft drinks are all major contributors to the toxic level of the body. Although they are not always taken into consideration, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, metal fumes, solvents, home heating ventilation, household and industrial cleaning chemicals, teeth amalgams, and chronic bone infections are also a chronic source of toxic build-up in our bodies.

Internally-created toxins

An abnormal microbial ecology in our intestines can create a polluted environment in our digestive system. The bacteria and yeast that live and proliferate in our intestines can produce toxins which interfere with normal functions of the body. Examples of such toxins are called endotoxins, exotoxins, toxic amines, etc. These microbial toxins have been associated and linked with various medical conditions such as Crohn’s, colitis, thyroid disorders, psoriasis, lupus, pancreatitis, allergies, asthma and numerous other immune disorders. On occasion, the body will mistakenly form antibodies which “cross react” with normal tissues resulting in auto-immune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, Grave’s diseases, etc.

Another common disorder of the digestive system that often occurs in susceptible individuals is called Leaky Gut Syndrome. Undigested food residues pass through the single-cell lining of the intestinal wall, which is often damaged by improper digestion. These cells are joined by a sticky, belt-like substance which surrounds the middle part of their cell bodies. These junctions are known as “tight junctions” and only live for up to three days. They are constantly being replaced by new cells. They have a very high metabolic activity and an intense metabolic activity to perform. Invariably, the chronic stress forced upon them will undoubtedly result in damage and cause the junctions of these cells to separate and detach. The resulting gaps, between the cell linings, allow large undigested food molecules to pass into the bloodstream and lymph vessels of the intestine. Once several gaps have formed, food residue is given full power to penetrate through the intestinal wall. The “leaky gut syndrome” then proliferates.

The liver and lymph nodes are capable of managing most of this situation. However, a significant number of the undigested material ends up circulating throughout the body. Naturally, this puts a significant amount of stress on the other organs and systems of the body. Clients will manifest all kinds of digestive symptoms because of such a condition.

Primarily, the Leaky Gut Syndrome manifests in the body as a result of overeating and consuming large amounts of junk food and deep fried foods (especially those made with hydrogenated vegetable oil). Also alcohol abuse, intestinal parasites, excessive sugar, starchy foods and severe emotional trauma or stress can lead to this condition.

Main Causes of Leaky Gut Syndrome

  • Alcohol
  • Changes in the bowel caused by antibiotics
  • Dairy products
  • Fried foods and other acids in bowel
  • Parasites
  • Large consumption of acid-forming foods such as meat, wheat products and safflower, corn and sunflower oils. These oils cause irritation to the intestinal wall which, in time, weakens the villi and microvilli
  • Bile acids
  • Constipation
  • Eating allergenic foods
  • Pathogenic bacteria
  • Processed foods

(Gastrointestinal Health and Detoxification: Mind Publishing Inc. (pages 8-11 ) – Dr. Michael Murray)

How to rid your body of toxins

Due to the high volume of processed and chemically-treated foods consumed in a typical person’s diet, individuals will undergo a cleansing, detoxifying program. The next step in the program involves making dietary changes to ensure the body is supplied with proper nutrients. Also, through a cleansing program, clients will be able to implement their new nutritional program which includes eating more natural whole foods. Usually, after the cleansing program, clients have fewer cravings for processed foods. Hence, they will be able to apply behavioural changes taught in the life coaching sessions included in the Vital Health System! Once this has been accomplished, the body will be able to eliminate waste more effectively. Catabolism (the energy-burning aspect of the metabolism) will also be improved along with the breakdown of foods containing fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients will be absorbed with greater ease and rapidity. Less energy will be used for digestion. Furthermore, the clients’ energy level will improve and the body’s naturally healing processes will be able to complete their tasks. Many individuals will experience vast improvements in the symptoms they experience as a result of the various ailments that afflict them.

The cleansing program that is used in the Vital Health System consists of a 7 to 30 day, semi-fasting meal program that focuses on fresh vegetable and fruit juices taken 4 to 5 times a day. In addition, some raw vegetable salads and steamed vegetables are recommended for lunch and supper. A seed-mixture cereal is a protein-rich food eaten in small portions throughout the cleansing period. The recipe for this cereal was taught to David Lee by his mentor, Julian Beecroft. This cereal will aid in maintaining energy levels throughout the program. It is essentially a complex carbohydrate substitute (a replacement to breads and starchy foods) that nourishes the body and provides it with the fibre it needs to complete proper digestion. Finally, taking in at least 8 to 10 glasses of properly filtered, distilled or pure spring water is highly recommended.

The main appliances needed to undergo the cleansing program are a juice extractor, a coffee grinder and a blender. For the freshest juice possible, with the maximum amount of enzymes, vitamins and minerals, the Champion juicer is one of the best products on the market today. It essentially crushes the vegetables and fruit with an extruder to obtain the juice while minimizing exposure to oxygen. This makes it possible to store the juice and keep it fresh for up to 3 days. However, this juicer is quite expensive and costs approximately CND $300. It is well worth the cost, for those able to afford it. Otherwise, another very high-quality machine is the Breville juicer. This usually retails for about CND $150. This juicer has a centrifuge blade which rapidly grinds fruits and vegetables as they are inserted into the juicer and pressed onto the blade. While the Breville juicer is faster to use, the juice only stays fresh for 24 hours. Therefore, clients should make their juice at the beginning of the day during the cleansing period.

Some protein, vitamins and herbal supplements are also used to enhance the effectiveness of the program. A non-flavoured whey isolate protein powder, which is a natural food-sourced health product, should be used to make a protein shake. When combined with fruit, this shake provides the body with many nutrients and helps you to feel energized. This is also added to the program to minimize muscle loss for individuals who are very physically active or perform manual labour. However, protein shakes can be eliminated in favour of more juices, salads and seed mixtures which allow the body to cleanse more effectively. This would lead to a much deeper and quicker cleanse. Some antioxidants and vitamins (such as vitamin C powder and liquid chlorophyll) will be recommended, not only for the duration of this detoxification program, but as part of the long term nutritional meal plan proposed by David Lee. These essential, natural supplements are introduced in our health product section. They provide an increased feeling of strength and energy and help keep the immune system working at its’ optimal level.

These supplements ensure proper nutrition during this semi-fast. In fact, most individuals will probably receive more adequate nutrition during this cleansing period compared to their regular, solid diet. This is because fresh juices will provide a higher concentration level of enzymes, minerals and vitamins. These nutrients are very important for the body. Without them, various health conditions, diseases or chronic ailments begin to appear.

Also included in the program is a colon irrigation treatment. This procedure is performed by a colonic therapist and is recommended for people who have sluggish bowels or a high toxicity level from chronic digestive disorders like constipation. Those suffering from constipation may have impacted fecal matter in their bowels. The juice cleansing may not be enough in these instances. The colonic can be administered during the cleansing period or afterwards. It further helps eliminate excess toxic waste, mucus and fecal matter stuck to the walls of the intestine.

For those who would like to perform a deeper cleanse, a 20-30 day cleanse is suggested. This cleanse is juice-based; 4 to 5 glasses of various juice mixtures are taken daily and some raw fruit or vegetables can be eaten every 3 to 4 days. During this period, two 3-day water-fasts can be performed by those wishing an even deeper cleanse. The 3-day water fasts are easier to carry out because the body has already been fasting on mostly liquids. It is strongly not recommended to try this water fast without doing the juice fast for at least 20 days. This would cause toxins to be released rapidly from the body and result in an overall feeling of sickness. At the end of the fast, a graduated meal program is implemented.

Our Recommended Cleansing Supplement

Also, an herbal supplement, orderable through our affiliate retail website, is taken during or after cleansing. This Mediterranean herbal capsule can be swallowed with 8 oz. of water before bed-time. The client initially starts with one capsule per day for two days. If the client begins to experience various cleansing reactions (such as more frequent bowel movements, diarrhea, headaches, skin problems or heavy headiness) they will continue on this dosage. Otherwise, the client can begin taking up to two capsules per day before bed time. The herbal ingredients contained in the capsules are absorbed more effectively if the capsule is opened and the contents emptied into warm water mixed with a teaspoon of molasses. This drink is taken before bed-time every evening. It is recommended to continue taking the herbal formula beyond the cleansing period (for maintenance) to keep the body clean and aid digestion. Using this supplement, the body can slowly rid itself of toxic build-up in the bowel and other systems of the body. Eventually, as the body becomes cleaner, the cleansing reactions will disappear.

This extra supplementation helps to further cleanse the digestive tract, all organs, systems of the body, especially the liver and large intestine. It also helps regenerate the tissues of the intestinal lining that have been weakened as well as further eliminate chronic constipation, bloating, gas and weak digestion.

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